That’s why becon

  • becon uses the Elastic stack for the conversion, enrichment, storage and display of data
  • becon implements and supports Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and Beats
  • becon uses these technologies for its own products and solutions

In practice

  • You would like to search through and analyze large amounts of data quickly
  • You want to correlate data distributed in silos
  • You would like to visualize data in order to draw the right conclusions fast

Data Analysis with Elastic

Corporate data is becoming both more voluminous and more complex. New technologies are emerging however which can glean valuable information from the masses of data available. In addition to the ability to draw accurate conclusions about the probable success of commercial projects through the analysis of data, it is also possible to simulate realistic future scenarios through predictive analysis.

Elasticsearch is a distributed search and analysis engine based on JSON which was developed to guarantee horizontal scalability, maximal reliability and simple administration. Logstash and Beats are used to deliver data in Elastic Stack. An extensible plugin ecosystem enables connection to a large variety of data sources, from Twitter to Amazon Web Services to SNMP traps, Syslog and the Windows Event Log.
For additional information about Elastic refer to the developer’s website


  • Support in the development of your big data strategy
  • Design of your Elastic Stack
  • Implementation, customization and training
  • Data integration and plugin consultation
  • Design and development of an analysis and reporting platform
  • Support

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