That’s why becon

  • becon automates Azure resources with PowerShell and Azure Automation
  • becon will implement your private cloud using AzureStack
  • becon is a specialist in deploying Linux on Azure

In practice

  • You could use support deploying Azure/AzureStack
  • You need to develop a cloud architecture on the basis of Azure/Azure Stack
  • You would like to automate your Azure resources or migrate existing applications to Azur

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud platform for developers and administrators who want to run their own software partly or entirely in the cloud. The platform includes a series of cloud services that can be used either individually or in combination and that can be provided in any capacity desired and protocolled and invoiced according to usage. These services include some that enable applications to be executed in the cloud, some that allow data to be stored and processed in the cloud, and others which link cloud elements securely and effectively to resources from your own data center or locally-executed client applications.

You can find additional information about Azure and AzureStack on the developer’s website:

Advantages of Azure:

Cost reductions – resulting from moving IT resources to the cloud and only paying for the time rented. The Azure services with usage-based payment can be scaled up or down at any time according to your current requirements, so that you only pay for the resources actually used. Microsoft offers minute-by-minute invoicing and guarantees an optimal value for money at all times.

The services are dynamic and scalable. Resource availability can be scaled up or down at any point in time. When an application requires additional resources – for example during peak times during the monthly payroll calculation – the needed resources can be activated automatically. When they are no longer needed, you only need to turn them off again.
Azure supports a huge number of different operating systems, programming languages, frameworks tools  databases and devices.


  • Consultation on the implementation of the best service and delivery model for you
  • Creation of a private cloud and support for your transition to a public cloud
  • Consultation hybrid cloud: Connection of a private cloud to a public cloud
  • Implementation of AzureStack
  • Automation of Azure resources
  • Support & operational support for Azure and AzureStack
  • Deployment strategy of applications in Azure
  • Migration of servers, VMs and applications in Azure
  • Support for your digital transformation with backend-as-a-service solutions

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