That’s why becon

  • becon offers the all-in-one package for ((OTRS)) Community Edition
  • becon supports you with best practices that fit your needs
  • becon is fluent in Perl

In practice

  • You would like to implement and operate ((OTRS)) Community Edition
  • You have complex requirements
  • You would like to integrate processes and data

Managing Incidents, Problems and Changes with ((OTRS)) Community Edition

Why do I need a ticketing system? What value can it add to my operation? And how do I decide which ticketing system is the best one for my company?
These are the questions facing more and more companies these days.

A ticketing system has the primary task of digitally managing the process of working through incidents. Generally, incidents are reported by phone or using an email-delivered form. The helpdesk team is responsible for dealing with the incidents as quickly as possible. ((OTRS)) Community Edition is one of the most popular ticketing systems (TTS) in the world, offering all the advantages of an open source solution, simple installation and configuration, and especially its wealth of functionality, including change management, a configuration management database and process management.

An additional distinctive feature of the system is its administration. The admin portal offers a large variety of ways to configure the system to your needs without requiring any changes to the underlying code. A thorough documentation further simplifies administration.
Responsive Design – an idea which has quickly become a must-have in any web-based tool. ((OTRS)) Community Edition can be run on any platform, enabling customers or helpdesk employees to keep up-to-date using any device. The process management allows individual processes such as vacation requests or employee terminations to be displayed graphically. Support inquiries can also be filtered as required by the user.

For more information about ((OTRS)) Community Edition try the developer’s website

Advantages of the Open Source Solution ((OTRS)) Community Edition

  • A large community of contributors
  • Very short release cycles
  • A large variety of configurations available on board
  • Responsive design
  • Service/SLA management
  • Connection to ITSM modules


  • Development of a customized ticketing strategy
  • Consultation in accordance with best practices
  • Architektur- und Security-Design für ((OTRS)) Community Edition
  • Implementation and roll out of ((OTRS)) Community Edition
  • Migration from Remedy or other closed source products
  • Development of custom modules
  • Integration via the Generic Interface
  • Support in creating new processes
  • Training
  • Support
  • Operational support

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