That’s why becon

  • becon will train your employees – even before your project is implemented
  • becon integrates the project requirements into the course contents and gets participants to practice them in role play situations
  • becon makes sure that performance matches expectations

In practice

  • You receive detailed information about the product before it’s even implemented
  • You can be sure that miscommunication never occurs
  • You can organize supplementary training for admins and operators after implementation

Product training

becon trains you even before your product is installed. The requirements defined previously will be included in the training content so that your employees will learn them on a practical level. In this way, every participant will understand what is expected from the implementation. Supplementary training for admins and operators can be arranged for after the implementation.

We offer training for the products Salt, i-doit, ((OTRS)) Community Edition, Sensu, Nagios, Naemon, openNMS, Elastic Stack, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft WDS/MSI. Both their years of project experience and their ability to explain complex matter in simple terms make our experts ideal trainers.

Our training can be held either in your offices or in one of our business lounges in Munich, Berlin or Fulda. Generally, the training is conducted using your own devices, although ours can be made available on request.

We appreciate the trust placed in us by some of the world’s leading corporations

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