That’s why becon

  • We only do what we are really good at
  • We have 25 years‘ experience working with globe-spanning corporations and medium-sized organizations
  • We stand by our commitment to reliability and trustworthiness

In practice

  • You would like to provide for a stable and secure data center in your organization
  • You need to automate your IT processes to have more time for new projects
  • You are looking for the best and most modern technologies on the market

Service Management

Automate your service processes withbecon.
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System Monitoring

becon enables you to monitor your entire IT environment with reliable and proven open source solutions.
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Packaging & Deployment

Software Deployment is the distribution of packaged software for fast, standardized rollouts.
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Cloud Computing

becon supports your migration of applications into the public cloud.
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Netzwerk Infrastructure

becon supports your whole planning process – from requirements specification to implementation planning and call for tenders.
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Telco Mobile Core Services

Trouble-free communication in mobile networks.
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Reporting & Analyse

Reporting solutions from becon enable you to collect, process and professionally display your IT and telecommunications data.
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Security Solutions

becon analyzes your IT environment, identifies weak points and develops security blueprints for your needs..
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