That’s why becon

  • Man-decades of experience in the planning of secure network infrastructures
  • Comprehensive manufacturer certification of our network planners
  • Planning of emergency power, camera and sensor monitoring, and network documentation

In practice

  • You are planning the construction or renovation of your office building
  • You need a network planner with IT service competence
  • You would like to outsource the entire realization to a general contractor

Network Infrastructure – the Foundation of your IT Environment

Your network infrastructure is the foundation for your entire IT environment. Structured cabling provides the wiring plan for a forward-looking and application-independent network structure over which various services (voice or data) can be exchanged. A properly-designed plan prevents expensive mistakes and the corrections or extensions required while making future installation of network components a snap.

The service neutrality of connection interfaces prevents unforeseen costs resulting from future implementation of new technology. You too would like to invest in a network infrastructure which will be application-independent, extensible and open to changes in technology far into the future?

becon will advise you on the proper planning from the assessment of requirements through to the planning of implementation and call for tenders. Our consultation will include all products and link classes in accordance with your specific requirements. Renowned manufacturers such as Reichle-DeMassari, Corning and Leoni will ensure a high standard of quality as well as a generous reserve of capacity in terms of threshold frequency. Supervision and execution by certified technicians along with the exclusive use of products which comply with existing standards throughout the channel link qualify your network for a manufacturer’s guarantee of 25 years. The requisite planning of cable spreading rooms with fire protection, climate control, grounding, sensors and power supply comes from a single source. In addition to the planning and complete implementation, your network project will include the project management, final inspection, documentation and commissioning as well.

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