That’s why becon

  • becon knows which data is needed by IT managers, service managers and admins
  • becon emphasizes aggregation level and visual presentation
  • Many years of experience operating data centers
  • Existing blueprints can be applied to the fulfillment of our customers‘ requirements

In practice

  • You want reliable information about availability, response time and performance of your IT services
  • You are interested in the progress being made by the transition to the cloud
  • You would like to analyze machine data and logfiles

Reporting Solutions from becon

Reporting solutions from becon enable you to collect, process, present and distribute your IT and telecommunication data. Design and build an efficient reporting system with becon’s solutions. After we analyze your requirements, we will define your data sources, KPIs, dashboards and reports. You can profit from our experience implementing monitoring and ticketing systems, cloud computing platforms, delivery processes and CMDB solutions for a comprehensive ITSM reporting system.
Among other data, we integrate technical availability and performance values, anomalies and trends in application log files, response times from incident management systems and asset lifecycle statistics.

Depending on your requirements we recommend the most suitable product from either open or closed source developers. Data analysis has become a critical subject. While IT becomes ever more standardized through cloud computing and commodity hardware, the application environments become more complex and result in Big Data, which has to be analyzed for its relevance and effects on business.

Data resulting from both production control (Industry 4.0) and communication with a wide range of new devices (Internet of Things) make Big Data an important subject for both globe-spanning corporations and medium-sized companies. becon can apply its decades of experience in log file analysis and illustration of service level agreements to provide clarity and develop an effective strategy. Our solution stack Elastic plays an important role in this process.

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