That’s why becon

  • Tremendous experience with data security and compliance
  • Well-versed competence in dealing with sensitive and valuable data
  • Years of experience implementing solutions for public institutions

In practice

  • You would like to introduce solutions for secure communication (Mail or IP)
  • You want to make existing systems secure from unauthorized parties
  • You could use support designing a new security strategy

Analysis and Security Blueprints

Security is playing an ever greater role in the information age, in particular due to modern technologies such as Big Data and Mobility. IT has become so complex, that absolute control of data transmission, mobile and virtual platforms has become nigh impossible. becon analyzes your IT environment, identifies weak points and develops security blueprints on the basis of your security requirements. Our manufacturer-certified specialists for firewalls and filter services provide you the entire toolset of relevant security measures.


  • Analysis & Evaluation
    Auditing of your solution with a focus on security risks and IT compliance
  • Strategy & Planning
    Development of a solution to protect your sensitive and valuable areas
  • Management
    Projects and services for privacy, basic protection and data security
  • Implementation
    Encoding of data and communication, (especially email) secure installation and strict confidentiality of our experts

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