That’s why becon

  • We are passionate about fulfilling the most complex ITSM requirements with open source tools
  • Our product portfolio includes the leading open source solutions and standards
  • becon has been working with ITIL since 1995

In practice

  • You want to use integrated solutions to support your help desk better
  • You would like to document your IT environment using a central CMDB
  • You still need to integrate your ITSM tools

Dynamic Service Management

Service Management is the application of methods and tools to provide and to optimize service processes. As IT becomes more responsive and complex, service management has to perform to its potential and relying on isolated solutions is a sure way to undermine that: a monitoring system here, a ticketing solution there and IT documentation distributed throughout. becon creates interfaces between the individual systems and automates your service processes.

You would like to implement standards and avoid spending a fortune on commercial software suites? becon uses the ITIL method, the open source CMDB i-doit, and the open source ticketing system ((OTRS)) Community Edition to fulfill your requirements.

In order to complete your service management stack we integrate either your existing monitoring system or any open source solution such as Sensu, Nagios, Naemon, Icinga, Check_MK or openNMS. Automation of provisioning processes using SaltStack or Puppet, eg. to install applications on new systems, completes your service management. In addition to implementing and integrating i-doit and ((OTRS)) Community Edition, we support you in the definition of your service management strategy and architecture, customize to your non-standard requirements, and support your operation with our help desk and training.

Continue here for more information on ((OTRS)) Community Edition and i-doit.

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