That’s why becon

  • becon has a wealth of open source monitoring expertise using a variety of tools
  • becon implements Sensu for you, the most scalable open source monitoring solution
  • becon is the world’s first international partner of Sensu

In practice

  • You expect an open source monitoring solution that fulfills all your requirements
  • You have specifications that Nagios and co. can’t handle
  • You want to connect your monitoring solution to ITSM tools

Keep a sharp eye on your IT

Open source solutions are rapidly gaining market share in the monitoring of IT environments – from servers through to applications. Hardly any other area of IT infrastructure is as well served by open source solutions as monitoring. On the one hand, a variety of available solutions increases competition, on the other hand, it makes it more difficult to choose the best solution for your requirements – especially when most tools provide the same set of functionality, a natural result of the number of forked tools of the past few years. becon provides transparency in the murky and crowded open source monitoring market.

You love the benefits of open source and are looking for the right monitoring product or migration strategy?

becon will find the solution that best fits your environment and requirements. The oldest and most thoroughly-tested open source tool is Nagios. In the last few years however Naemon and Icinga have surpassed Nagios, at least in the area of user friendliness, if not in the area of compatibility to other systems. With regard to scalability though, none of the these tools can compete with Sensu or Check_MK. Additional criteria such as reporting and analysis, graphic display of IT service status, event correlation, high availability, data storage and separation, security and interfaces are critical points that will influence our recommendation to you. And after our recommendation we will continue to assist you in your implementation of Sensu, Nagios, Naemon, Icinga, Check_MK or openNMS with operational support and training.
Sensu has a variety of features that excite us and will excite you too, if you have very large IT environments that need monitoring.
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