becon has rolled out its new logo and website, with fresh graphics and a layout that better reflects who are. We love what we do and want to share our enthusiasm with the world.

becon has stood for professional projects and operational support in the enterprise IT market since 1988. Holding our focus steadily on data center services, we place an equal emphasis on implementing solutions and connecting our clients with the right experts for their needs. The introduction of new dynamic infrastructure processes and the digital transformation have had a major impact on our service portfolio.

Choose „Solutions“ from our menu for more information on what we do for our clients. The points listed there are a combination of products and services which are explained in more detail on our website.

Our objective here is not just to talk about us, but rather to provide you with interesting and useful information about how IT is changing, in all of its various facets. We hope this first edition accomplishes its purpose.

Visit us regularly. Considering the current rate of development in IT, it will be worth it.

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The whole team from becon GmbH