Digital transformation through automation

From the integration of your application data, to mobile communication in the industrial environment, to the impressive presentation of your products and solutions.


Automate processes and digitize workflows.


Automation as a driving force for growth and digital transformation.


Increase productivity and minimize workload.


With our innovative solutions, you can increase your company’s level of digitalization.

Our services around automation


With OpenCelium you connect your processes, applications and data with each other so that their processes work across applications and without disruptions due to missing interfaces. OpenCelium is an API gateway and management hub that enables rapid integrations with a WebGUI. Many available connectors make integrations even easier.


With our 5G and network expertise, we provide communication solutions for individual application areas – mobile, at your 5G campus and/or from the cloud. In doing so, we keep our finger on the pulse and deal with IoT, NFV, SDN, OpenRAN, Druid and NDAC. You want to use the advantages of 5G for your company? We will be happy to advise you.


You have a vision, want to demonstrate something to a customer haptically or digitally, want to impress your customer with a cast from an equipped TV studio with professional camera editing and greenwall, have use cases of virtual & augmented reality, then let’s talk about our impressive demo services capabilities.

We are your partner for automation

30 years of technology experience in IT and telecommunications


A portfolio of solutions applied to specific industry requirements beyond technical implementation

Independence in technology consulting, manufacturer products and network providers

Flexibility and cost-consciousness in the question “Open or Closed Source


Strong values of our family business such as tolerance, sustainability, concern for the next generation, interest in technological progress

The gift to understand your vision, to implement it, to explain it in an understandable way and to visualize it




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API Management





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