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Couldn’t attend the i-doit Compliance Roundtable LIVE? No problem. We recorded the event for you.

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Couldn’t attend the i-doit Compliance Roundtable LIVE? No problem. We recorded the event for you.

Request recording from Compliance Roundtable

Couldn’t attend the API Management Roundtable LIVE? No problem. We recorded the event for you.



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doITbetter Conference 2022 | Vulnerability and Risk Management with the Add-ons ISMS and VIVA2

When new vulnerabilities in computer systems and programs become known, it is necessary to promptly assess how high the risk is for one’s own company. Together with our customer, LBBW Asset Management, we show how risk assessments for current cybersecurity vulnerabilities (CVEs) can be mapped in IT documentation. Mr. Brüderlein, CISO at LBBW AM also provides insights into how i-doit’s ISMS and VIVA2 add-ons have helped identify and map dependencies in protection needs assessments and can also be customized to meet more specific customer needs.

doITbetter Conference 2022 | The new trigger add-on for i-doit

i-doit is often used as a passive database, mainly to log the ACTUAL state. But what if you want to launch IT processes from i-doit? Like creating a ticket, for example. Or automatically deploying a virtual machine using an Ansible script. With the new Trigger Add-on you can put your own triggers (URL’s or scripts) behind buttons, which are then displayed on the i-doit interface within an object type or category. Additionally, restrict the use of the buttons using the permission system.

IT-Sicherheit mit den i-doit Add-ons ISMS und VIVA2 | doITbetter Konferenz 2020

Under the motto doITbetter, numerous expert presentations and talks were held on all aspects of IT documentation with i-doit and its add-ons. IT security with the ISMS and VIVA2 add-ons was also a central topic. For this purpose, our IT Consultant & Web Application Developer Kai Schubert-Altmann was a guest in an expert talk.

Connect SAP with your applications via OpenCelium

Are you looking for a central interface solution to share your data from SAP? Use our open source API management system OpenCelium for this. Due to an intuitive web interface, no technical knowledge is necessary to realize a data exchange.

Your way to an efficient ISMS

While quality and quantity of cyber attacks continue to increase, companies and organizations are at the same time becoming more dependent on the IT. It’s getting more and more important to be aware of possible risks, take measures and implement controls to reduce the risks.

With the introduction of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) you can achieve an adequate level of information security and keep an eye on both the current and the planned status of the existing risks and their treatment measures.

A fast way to ISMS - Event-based risk identification in i-doit

With the increasing digitization of the working world, a steady increase in threats from the digital space can also be observed, both in terms of quality and quantity. For companies and public administrations, this increases the need and necessity to establish an information security management system (ISMS). The i-doit CMDB offers an optimal starting point for the development of an ISMS. In addition to an all-encompassing documentation of your IT infrastructure, i-doit also supports the mapping of your business processes and helps to better identify interrelationships.

ScanIT 2.0 - Mobile data capturing with i-doit

Optimize your internal documentation processes with the i-doit add-on ScanIT. Capture your data with your mobile device and then synchronize it fully automatically into the CMDB. In our webinar, we will introduce you to the ScanIT add-on, which will help you simplify your processes and add significant value to your daily work. We will show you how to capture data, load preliminary information from the CMDB into the drop-down lists, display processes, and use assets to import data.