DATAGERRY – The Open Source CMDB and Asset Management Tool

DATAGERRY closes the gap for the generic capture of customer-specific object types


Central management and organization of configuration data including hardware, software and network components.


Linking CIs, defining relationships and dependencies, performing audits, and generating reports.


DATAGERRY is open source and licensed under the AGPLv3.


We recommend DATAGERRY

Use DATAGERRY as a central database for the automation of your IT environment. DATAGERRY can store all the information you need for your IT operations and forward this information to external systems such as DNS, ticket system, configuration management (e.g. Ansible), monitoring system and many more. A click to an external system can be triggered event-based when objects are added, updated or deleted in DATAGERRY.

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Your advantages with DATAGERRY

Define your own data model

Every IT environment has its own structure. Therefore, DATAGERRY does not have any predefined object types (e.g. router, server, location). With DATAGERRY you have the freedom to easily define the data model yourself.

Automate your IT

Not only do we want you to store your assets in DATAGERRY, we want you to have flexibility in how you use your data. So access your data with one of our powerful APIs, or trigger event-driven synchronization with your external tools (like Monitoring, Ticket System, Config Management, etc.) and use DATAGERRY as a database to automate your IT.

DATAGERRY is Open Source

We love open source software. DATAGERRY is free and licensed under the AGPLv3. Just download, copy, use or modify. If you need help, we offer training, consulting, custom development and support contracts with a fair pricing policy. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Service Management

DATAGERRY enables central management and organization of configuration data

Support, training and consulting by becon

Easily define data models yourself

Event-driven synchronization with external tools

DATAGERRY is licensed under the AGPLv3

DATAGERRY is Open Source

Subscription models with fair pricing policy

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