Configuration Management


becon helps to define and parameterize your systems, services and configurations with the help of an automation tool for a transparent and at any time reproducible rollout. Increase the quality of your operations and reduce the proliferation in your IT environment.

Why we are the right partner for you

Introduction of a central automation solution

Increase of transparency and given reproducibility


Rapid provisioning and recovery of servers, services, configurations

Increase quality when transferring developments to the staging environment through a centrally controlled rollout to definable targets


Reduction of error-proneness and increase of uniformity through definition and enforcement of target states



Analysis of the requirements

becon develops a concept together with you on the basis of your requirements, in which the areas and services of your IT landscape are determined and defined for an initial consideration under automation aspects.

Definition of target states
We work with you to define the target states for your IT environment, whether it’s orchestrating servers, installing services or rolling out configurations. The scope and level of detail can be designed according to requirements.

Development of roles & playbooks
After concrete definition of areas and target states, we write the definitions for you in programmatic and parameterizable roles for the automation solution. These guarantee a condition of the target elements that can be reproduced by you at any time.

Operation & Support
We support you in the operation and provide assistance with extension requests and adjustments. They will quickly appreciate the benefits of increased transparency, quality, reproducibility and reduced recovery times.

Extensions & connection of third-party solutions as inventory
If third party solutions, e.g. a
, are to be used as a source for the inventory, which represents the directory of the target systems to be configured, we support you in connecting these systems and ensure that all relevant and necessary data is collected via the interface for the inventory.


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