We have already described the advantages that the new 5G mobile communications standard will bring for each and every one of us. Click here to read the previous 5G Campus blog article
In this continuing article, we would now like to take a closer look at the technical aspects and explain to you the structural design of a 5G campus network. To get a better overview of the different architectures, let’s take a quick look at them together.

Not all 5G networks are the same

There are two variants to build a 5G campus network. The NSA (non-standalone) is currently in widespread use. The 5G network is implemented with the help of a 4G/LTE core network. Subscriber authentication (login and registration) is operated on the 4G network and traffic on the 5G network. Depending on the software structure, not all performance features may be pronounced in this network.

If a 5G campus is to be operated independently of 4G/LTE, a 5G SA (standalone) must be set up. The radio transmission is 5G and is established via a 5G core network. This has been finalized with Release 16 of 3GPP and is already being tested at a few sites in Germany. Advantages of SA include SDN (Software Defined Network) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization), which will be discussed further in an upcoming blog. The three performance features can be fully used in the 5G SA without any restrictions.

The agony of choice

Not enough that you now have to choose between a 5G campus NSA or SA. In addition, there are now also the questions: Can I build the network independently? Should I get external support or have it built by a cellular major? What must be observed?

In addition, it now depends on whether you want to set up a 5G campus that is dependent on the public network or independent. For an independent 5G campus, it is important to manage it on its own. This is then completely adapted to your needs and you have sovereignty over the network. Scaling the 5G Campus here is simple, saves resources and can also be implemented in the future. We, becon GmbH, advise you comprehensively, examine your needs and support you in setting up such a 5G campus network.

If your decision falls on a mobile provider, then you usually have the choice between a hybrid solution or a slice. With the hybrid solution, a 5G network is set up on your company premises that transmits on both the private and public network. Depending on the provider, there are also various packages on management and maintenance for your 5G campus network. In a slice, the 5G campus network is implemented over the public mobile network and is therefore no longer in the frequency range from 3.7 GHz to 3.8 GHz, which is intended for private applications. You share a network with the public, while your data is still secure. However, this solution means that you lose control over your network and are dependent on the mobile network provider in the event of outages. Furthermore, you usually don’t know whether it is a 5G SA or 5G NSA network, which again leads to restrictions on applications. Depending on the application and desire, different variants may apply to you.

Switch or softswitch?

The agony of choice continues with the possible suppliers; hard switch or softswitch, etc. Here, too, you can rely on the extensive experience of becon GmbH. Depending on the use case, the type of 5G campus network may differ, as different requirements or customer preferences influence the design of a campus network. Thus, for the use case examples
From the previous blog article
different 5G campus networks would be considered. For example, a hybrid model would suffice for pure office communications, whereas a standalone 5G SA campus network would be better suited for manufacturing, sensors, and AGVs related to safety.

internet of things 5g campus network

Benefit from the experience of our 5G experts

As you can see, building a 5G campus network presents you with many important decisions that need to be extensively considered, planned and realized in advance. Our experts will be happy to assist you with this. We support you in setting up your own 5G campus network based on your requirements for the optimal realization of your planned use cases. Feel free to contact us!

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In the next blog article on the 5G Campus network, we’ll talk about the benefits of 5G SA (standalone) in terms of SDN (Software Defined Network) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization).

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What is 5G and what advantages does it bring? The fifth generation of mobile communications (5G) includes improved features from the last generation 4G/LTE. 5G is to be rolled out nationwide in Germany, thus eliminating the white spots (areas without mobile phone reception) in network coverage.

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