Home and office become one. This fact requires not only flexibility in the design of spaces, employee welfare and management, but also a rethinking of sales work. How do you present your solutions in an appealing way and convey product feel and emotions when your customers are also sitting in their home offices and will increasingly work on the move even after Corona in the spirit of New Work?

Nonverbal communication in everyday sales

One tool often used is the webinar. Unfortunately, here you can often only see mouse pointers flying over slide sets or applications. If you are lucky, you will see a photo of the speaker or the camera image in a recognizable size at the beginning. In doing so, we want to see reactions from people. Does this person present the product passionately because they believe in it? Subconsciously, you build a relationship with likeable people – this is especially true for business relationships. And for that you also need the impressions of non-verbal communication.

But how do you present complex products remotely in a fresh and attention-grabbing way? Nothing is more impressive than an easy-to-understand use case. In doing so, it is important to simply leave out the sometimes endearing but unfortunately superfluous information so that you can follow the narrative and extract value.

Fully equipped TV studio

Fulda-based becon GmbH has dedicated itself to the question of how to present the benefits of products in a vivid, understandable and entertaining way over distance. For years becon has been running a fully equipped TV studio for Nokia in Berlin with a greenwall, several editing suites, three simultaneous latency-free streams and a lab for preparing technical demos. Now becon is opening up these demo services to small and medium-sized customers – from the conception of a story board, to the set-up of a demo system with augmented & virtual reality content, to German or English-language moderation.

These technologies can be used to set up a virtual street with several presentation points, which the presenter navigates to individually and explains with the help of a practical execution. It just doesn’t get boring – a bit like the Knoff Hoff show of the future.

Fact Sheet

5G Campus for Beginners |
The new mobile communications standard explained simply

What is 5G and what advantages does it bring? The fifth generation of mobile communications (5G) includes improved features from the last generation 4G/LTE. 5G is to be rolled out nationwide in Germany, thus eliminating the white spots (areas without mobile phone reception) in network coverage.

fact sheet 5g campusnet for beginners

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becon takes over the software DATAGERRY from NETHINKS

becon takes over the software DATAGERRY from NETHINKS

After successful negotiations, the acquisition of the DATAGERRY software developed by NETHINKS has now been officially confirmed. Managing partner of becon GmbH Mr. Steffen Rieger and managing director Mr. Uwe Bergmann of NETHINKS GmbH agreed on the takeover.


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