All connectors now open source and new subscription model

becon GmbH announces that all OpenCelium connectors, including the previously paid ones, are now available as open source. This change offers developers an extended range of integration options and promotes collaboration in the open source community.

Until now, paid connectors were exclusively accessible to subscribers and not available as open source. The update changes this and all connectors are now available to the wider developer community. This step is intended to increase user flexibility and facilitate the exchange of knowledge.

“The decision to release all OpenCelium connectors as open source underlines our commitment to an open developer community,” said Jakob Semere, CTO of becon GmbH. “We are confident that this change will promote the collaborative further development of OpenCelium.”

Jakob Semere

CTO, becon GmbH

At the same time, the paid subscription to OpenCelium will be upgraded. In addition to improved support, new services and enterprise features, a large number of new business templates are included, which offer tried-and-tested field mapping recommendations and enable a direct start to API connectivity. All changes can be found at