After OTRS AG discontinued support for the open source ticket system ((OTRS)) Community Edition 6 at the end of 2020, the company now announces that no further license-free versions of the product will be available in the future. Community Edition 6 at the end of 2020, the company now announces that there will be no further license-free versions of the product in the future. The response from the community was prompt. Renowned German OTRS service providers joined forces to form an alliance: The OTTER Alliance now ensures the continued existence of the popular ticketing system and the availability of a broad range of services.

Read the full OTTER Alliance press release here:

Due to the current market development becon uses different forks of the popular ticket system depending on customer requirements. Since Znuny LTS is the only product on the market that maintains full compatibility with the ((OTRS)) Community Edition Version 6 by pure continuation and provides future features in a separate product, we support Znuny LTS as an unofficial successor product within this alliance.

becon’s experts have many years of experience in consulting, implementation, further development, training and support of ((OTRS)) Community Edition. This know-how is the foundation for our services around Znuny LTS, but also Otobo, Ofork and other forks.

becon supports users of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition Version 6 in ensuring support and security fixes for current installations, in migrating to a fork that is more suitable for their requirements, and in connecting applications.

The connection to other applications is achieved by becon through the open source based integration platform OpenCelium, which has been developed since 2016 and can exchange data between all forks and many other applications:

Fact Sheet

((OTRS)) Community Edition

Why do I need a ticket system? What added value can I derive from this? And how do I decide which ticketing system is best for my business? More and more companies are dealing with these questions. In this fact sheet we clarify all questions for you.

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